My Name Sofian, I’m in my early 30s now, nope! I denied to be old and confuse whether I should wear all shades of grey, portraying a Mature Man, but I want to spent my Sunday morning watching sunrise, just me and my coffee and my “London Taxi” bike, no kids no responsibilities. Yes, I’m that man, Single, Happy, proud to be 30, but in a way people thinks that I was a very lonely man who need to dragged out  to a chapel or mosque and start to writing my Wedding vow. Or maybe I should?

I’m bubbly yet sarcastic, like that pastry called “kue soes” (eclairs ?) with too much Rum in it. I see myself as everybody’s dream wing-man (BAMMM!). Or my good-looking-buddies might say I’m their favorite Duff. Yeah I have bunch of good looking friends, but I always the one who make them laugh. Yeah I know, it’s not their forte. LOL.

Enough about me, let me know you were here, post comment below and we’ll be best friend. not?!