GRAND HYATT Bali – room video presentation.

From the moment you step into the hotel to the time you leave, you are made to feel special. The hotel itself gives you the best feel of Bali charm with its vastness and greenery. It’s quiet, has a good stretch of beach and you can laze around all day.  I had a chance to work with such a brand like Bali HYATT is had me Amazing feeling. I still can remember the experience from our first meeting and completing the project.


The request for classy, professional and have luxury in the video presentation inside every room in the hotel. The problem is they want it very simple, not too heavy and the only materials are pictures. so I have to craft these beautiful photos, information text, and calm ambience music. I glad they love it and it stays in their room.


I make it as video presentation, make the pictures like a video experience, animated movie-like, put information text combine it with calm traditional music. It was one of my favorite project with the hotel.

Check their website here :

unfortunately I can not post my final work, due the copyright. so this is their beautiful gallery that I use for the video.

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