google analytics, my Marketing buddy.

so how much money that i will receive after I pay all the Advertising agency? Is that celebrity that I hired to promote my Hotel is working? Am I just wasting my Investment? How much money I lost for this Rocket sience called “Digital Marketing”?

Yes… that are my questions before I know how Google analitycs works. I spent a week to join the course how to do it. Along the way I consider myself mastering doing this stuff. It’s so easy now compare my first encounter with this analytic tool. And because of that I suggest you start doing you business using this too.



So many reasons why I love this tool that provided by Google (Thanks pal!), not just it’s free, it tell almost everything. you know the money that you spent not evaporate into Matrix world. It is actually transfer into ROI for your business. Google tells you how much money you SHOULD earn from the ads, but if it’s not reflected into your Bank account, something must be wrong, and you have to fix it and stop losing.

screenshot_2016-09-23-13-50-58 screenshot_2016-09-23-13-53-19

Check all the features thatit provided, and you can download the apps, so you don’t have to sit in your office all day just to see how many people visiting your e-store. And also you can see how many new comer, how much money they spent, and the cool part is, you even know is he or she and how old are they, cool huh!

Please comment below if you need more instruction how to install, get account and more technical details, I’ll be glad to help.

Visit thier website :


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