Creative Directing for Magazine

I can’t believe it’s officially 7 years already working for the diRadio Magazine. Not once I hands up to do all the designs and direct all the creative part of the Magz. Working as Creative Director for every single issue give a lot of experience and growth my understanding in Visual Communications. Working in media is always challenging, specially in Print division in Digital Era.

The Magazine it self belong to Hard Rock FM Bali, part of Broadcasting media of MRA Group. One of the largest media group in Indonesia. MRA produce and license to publish well known international Magazine, such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Trax, and many more.


I shoot most of the cover since 2009, I design every layout piece by piece. not only working in the design and layout division, I also took some time to become a monthly contributor . I wrote the Movie Review section and sometimes Fashion and Traveling. The Magazine it self written in Bahasa Indonesia, Target Audience for local reader who also lived the Hard Rock lifestyle.


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