How to make money out of Instagram ?

This is my question few year a go, and I haven’t got the right answer for this.

“How to make money out of Instagram?”

Sure, there’s plenty answer that Google can found for you, but it’s all for starters, youngster, millennial, hipster, and every kids need to be famous and make money along the way. The Tips more or less tell how how to take a good selfies as your like as your golden mine, meet the right people and tag them in your post, get more and more followers, find the brand that suit you and so and so on. But What if you are Marketing Manager in some hotel, running a luxury restaurant, or as scary as working as Marcomm in Technology products ?

Here I share some of ideas how to make money in Instagram. But first, you must know that social media is work for engagement, not money making like an e-commerce where people pick what they want, add to shopping cart, and buy it with their credit cards. That’s why we can not put any link in any post unless it’s in bio. Instagram didn’t want you to be advertiser freely, you have to pay some cash if you want so.

Posting – More Followers – Better Engagement – Love the product – go to your website and buy some stuff.

So that’s how it work. So first think first, this is what you should do to make the right postings.

  1. Know your brand know your market.
    Whatever your post is define who you are and what kind of people who follows you. Divide them into mini categories such as gender, lifestyle, ages, and many more.
  2. First Impression.
    Your first photo is very important even if you haven’t any followers. People love to see how far you go and check your very first photo.
  3. Always different.
    People get bored so easily these day. Post not just beautiful and interesting pictures, change and surprise your followers.
  4. Check the analytic.
    See how far you’ve come, how it works, and do it better next time.
  5. Advertise your post.
    It is important to show your posting to different circle, that’s why Instagram ads will help, and you don’t have to start with big budget, start with 10-20 dollar as starts.
  6. Check your website
    Make sure the link that you put is working and easy to access, if not, you lose all the potential money.
  7. The Right endorsement.
    You don’t always have to hire celebrity to promote your product, local buzzers will help with cheaper price. But sure, if you have friends with influence-power, send them free samples.
  8. “The Right” quiz.
    There are so many freebies more than you can imagine. creating nu-targeted quiz only get you Quiz Hunter. consider it’s as a warning.


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