Jum’at Lelang. friday #engagement day.

Inspired by Product auctions in some gadget selling website, then why we don’t do it too?! in most fun, fashionable way, and get engage with closer customer. Working in BelowCepek.com means dealing with woman in same need and shopping budged. Cheap and quality product stat the original price was 99.000 rupiah (more or less 8 US dollar), we sell in starts from 9.000 rupiah (only 10 cents or so).

The next step is we discuss about date, how it works, terms and conditions and more. And we come up with #JumatLelang (Friday Auction) where we have super cheap clothes to offer. The Activation it self starts on January 2015 in Instagram (@belowcepekdotcom), and still happening until today (sept 2016).

jum-lelang-may01.jpg jum-lelang-mar02

1. The engagement with customer increasing more than 200% since we don’t have much conversation in comment section.2. The price it self the main attraction to create more BUZZ in social media.
3. Instagram follower increasing 10-20% every week.
4. We spent so little to create a bigger Buzz.
5. Beside we get more engagement and conversation with customers, we can sell out last piece, or less favorite item that don’t make the sell.


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