Entrepreneurship 2nd Attempt

I lost count how many things I wanna do in my life, but owning business is not as easy as motivator said. I hold on to a wise word said that “The more you fail, the closest you are to success”. And I haven’t try my hardest to own one. I never fail, so it’s farther to success, no?!

I’ve tried to make a T-shirt design company for man, it called “TalkinTee” which still selling online until this day. I talk about this few months a go, and pure fun doing it.

Sofian Hadi photo works is so different. Business based on photo service, event documentation to commercial photography. Usually I don’t do the shoot, but I have few photographer that I select myself and give them my knowledge about photography and yes, how to win a client. this is more like how I give other people extra skill how to make money out of photography.


Create it since 2014, and I start it without any money. Support us for your needs LOL. Ring me at 085739332299 and talk over coffee.


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