Bali that I remember.

It’s funny, kinda sad how I remember my early days before stepping my foot in the Island called home for Gods and Goddesses. It was started in our living room back in Malang, my hometown. Me, my Mom, and my Dad, they were sitting and try to stop me run to Jakarta and find opportunity in the big city like what my Big brother did. I need to get a job at that time, so I can help my family and financial issues that we all faced. But lucky enough, only 7 days after that day, a friend of mine offering a job as programmer, and without hesitation I said yes.

Only 2 weeks after high school graduation, I started my dream by getting my very first job. Back then It’s not much and I had to make living out of 70 dollars a month. I lived in a very small room that rented 3 kilometers to the office, no, not closed by. I walk every morning and night crossing the street near the Sanur Beach. Friendly faces, the small of the sea, coconut trees, Temples, and all the details that I can’t skip, stay in my memory.

I remember woke up every morning feeling blessed. Sometimes I take some work home, papers after papers with coding on it and read them right before go to bed. If I’m lucky I’ll be fall asleep on pile of that code paper, mostly are sleepless night over few months. I don’t have cellphones, TV nor the Radio, practically I had no entertainment what so ever. So I only look up the ceiling on my bad, not counting sheep, I play Peter Pan games which I’m good in imagining things. Sometimes is a movie screen and my favorite movie upon my white blank ceiling. Sometimes it’s just dark starry night.

for over 10 years I lived there, I learn and grow to be so many different characters along the way. I’m lucky enough to meet amazing people that tough me how to do things, how to dream big, and how to fall in love and broke it few years later. I’m lucky enough I can go to the beach every time I wanted, spend my weekend go camping or climb mountains with my buddies. Not my mom, she’s not as lucky I was. I promise her to see Bali, but it never happened until the day she passed away. The only regret left that I have to lived in.

It was 6 years already since I left the island. Jakarta is calling, Big city Big opportunity they said. Never plan complicated life but I did try to bought my first house. And the offer came. The offer to go back once more to the magical island. The temptation to moved back with my friends and family. The euphoria of doing all my favorite things once more. I only can pray that the opportunity is mine, that God gives it to me. That I will go back and start all over again with feeling to be the luckiest person on earth I could be.

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